The HMD Training Method and Societal Fitness Trends

Our society is currently increasing its awareness in regard to health and physical fitness.  The main, and simplest, way to achieve better health is to begin a physical fitness program.  Many different programs currently exist and are being created, i.e. bootcamps and extreme fitness workouts that incorporate movements from many traditional disciplines such as martial arts, yoga, and dance as well as weight training.  Many of these fitness programs achieve great results and are currently quite popular.

The Philosophy of Moo Do

Elaboration of the ideal of Tae Kwon Do can be initiated from the genealogy of Moo Do. Martial art is the translation of Moo Do. We can triangulate the meaning of Tae Kwon Do through understanding what Moo Do and martial arts signify. The Chinese character Moo consists of Guh and Ji . /Guh/ means "spear, attack, disturbance, and aggression" and /Ji/ means "to stop". Thus, /Moo/ together means "to stop the attack, disturbance, and aggression."