Belt Requirements

Belt Requirements - HMD Academy Tae Kwon Do ChicagoBelt advancement testing will be held once a month, however, students will not be testing every month. Students will only test when they have been given consent from their instructor, and they feel comfortable and prepared. Requirements are different for every rank and can involve performing one or two forms, one-steps, various blocking, striking and kicking motions, sparring and board breaking. There is a minimum training requirement to be eligible for the test, and 80% attendance is required for candidacy.

Test applications and student essays are due before testing. No applications will be accepted the day of testing.

Promotional Belt Testing Rules

  • Regular promotional belt testing will be held every 8 to 16 weeks. Information will be given out three weeks before the test
  • Those students who have previous experience or hold rank from another school, and have not had the required sessions, maybe be recommended for evalution at their own rank.
  • If the student cannot attend the test as pre-arranged, they must notify their instructor as soon as possible.
  • Everyone must take the tests as scheduled and prepared. Continued non-attendence of regular testing will be grounds for dismissal from the school.
  • A student who completes an outstanding test may be recognized for this accomplishment by being given a white strip of tape to be worn on the tip of the belt on the right-hand side of the student.
  • 1st Gup senior belts and provisional black belts wear 1 to 2 (respectively) two-inch strips of yellow tape on the tip of the belt on the left-hand side of the student.
  • Children and junior black belts (ages 15 and under) are allowed to receive a Youth 1st Degree Black Belt. Black Belt is atteinable at 16 years of age.
  • Viewing promtional testing is FREE and open to the public.